Q&A with ProCom Founder Frank Girardi

A quality wireless headset system is like a quality offensive line. When it’s at its best, a coach doesn’t have to spend any time worrying about it. Since 1974, ProCom has been dedicated to providing the highest quality communication products on the market.

Frank Girardi doesn’t have the background you’d expect for a Founder and CEO of a headset communication company. He started his career as a physical education teacher before making the switch to his lifelong pursuit – building quality headsets for coaches.

Girardi recently joined FNF Coaches for a Q&A.

How did you go from a physical education teacher to the founder of ProCom?

“I always had a knack for designing communication equipment. I came up with a wireless headset system patent in 1977. When I was 21 or 22, I was approached to buy the patent. I sold it because of some things going on in my personal life.”

How did you stay in the industry after the sale?

“In 1982, I developed the first All-In-One headset with no belt-pack. I first sold it to my brother, who was a coach.”

How has the technology evolved over the years?

“Frequencies have changed. The type of modulation has gone from analog to digital. Things have gotten smaller because the components have gotten smaller in size. There’s all different types of ways to construct the product. Unfortunately, some coaches are using headset systems that never should be meant for football.”

What makes ProCom headset system different than the competition?

“I designed a product for the mind of a football coach using it. I think that’s important and what sets us apart. We’re not the cheapest headset company. We want to be the best for little dollars difference. It’s satisfying the needs of a football coach. It’s a system that is waterproof. You need a system that has the capability of expanding. A lot of systems have coaches switching back from offense to defense. That’s not practical.

“A lot of coaches think, ‘I have a smaller staff. One headset is enough to switch back and forth. On the contrary, with a smaller staff, more coaches need to switch back and forth.’”

What are some other things coaches should be looking for in a headset?

“Our display is on the top of the headset so you can look down on the field and see it. Our microphone and belt packs have military specs. We offer the most output power. A well-designed belt pack should not require an external antenna. When you add that on, it pokes into the side when a coach bends over and also open up more interference to signals. It’s called spurious communication.”

Do you have any new technology that will help teams after the stoppage in play?

“We sold a coach-to-player system to a school in Florida because they want the coaches to avoid close contact while they coach. They’re using our system to do that. I believe it’s just a matter of time before all states allow it during games.”

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