ProCom Loudmouth a ‘game-changer’ for making in-game adjustments

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

On game day, coaches have historically had to choose between seeing the entire field from the press box or motivating players from the sideline. Now, coaches can experience the best of both worlds with ProCom Loudmouth.

Parkview High (Ga.) offensive line coach Nick Johnson believes the ProCom Loudmouth will change the way high school coaches coach on game day. That’s because the new piece of technology will allow coaches to make in-game adjustments in a more efficient way.

The one-of-a-kind device sits on the sideline and allows coaches in the press box to talk to their group of players or the entire team, AND the players can also speak back to the coach.

“My first reaction was, ‘This is awesome,’” Johnson said. “Instead of sharing a headset with somebody just so I can talk to one player, I can talk to 10 or 15 people at once. It gives coaches flexibility. I talked to a defensive coordinator from a program that’s buying it, and he said he might move up top to see the field better if he can still communicate with the kids down below. Being able to communicate with multiple kids from the press box and hear it straight from their mouths — this is a game-changer.”

ProCom Founder and CEO Frank Girardi conceived the idea for the Loudmouth after his team of current and former coaches listened to feedback from others in the coaching community who felt improved in-game communication could provide an edge in making in-game adjustments. He engineered a product that is small enough for a coach to hold in his hand and still powers up to 40 watts, providing plenty of volume for more than a dozen players to hear.


“We thought about what we’re lacking as coaches,” Girardi said. “It’s the ability to talk from the press box to players on the sideline and vice versa. Your defensive coordinator might be the motivator of the staff. If he’s in the press box, he can’t motivate the players on the field. Now, we gave coaches the ability to motivate their players and accelerate the adjustment period in-game. We always want to be ahead of the game.”

Parkview served as a demo school for the Loudmouth in the fall, and Johnson said the coaches on his staff were unanimous in their praise. He believes the product’s ability to provide two-way communication — including feedback from players to coaches — is invaluable.

“It’s great to be able to hear what the kids see down below,” Johnson said. “I want to be able to look a player in the eye and hear it from him, how he feels. That’s why I’m on the sideline. But this is the best of both worlds. The advantage of sitting up top is you have the all-22 view. The advantage of being on the sideline is you can talk to any player you want.”

No other tech company in football has a product on the market with two-way sideline communication. Girardi allowed several schools to demo the product in the fall and was pleased with the feedback.

“The response has been very good,” Girardi said. “We proved the point we wanted to prove to coaches. It allows them to make in-game adjustments without having to wait for halftime. An important point is we wanted to make sure that we didn’t occupy one of the channels being used by other coaches for in-game communication. So, when a coach jumps over to the sideline system, he’s not tying up one of the channels that other coaches are using for communication.”

The size of the Loudmouth also makes it appealing for coaches who want the device to be mobile. For schools that have players playing on both sides of the ball, the Loudmouth can be carried into a huddle during a timeout.

“For some teams, the only way to talk to players during the game is during timeouts,” Johnson said. “This is no bigger than two decks of cards, so you can take it in the huddle and talk to whoever you want. That’s a huge advantage. You can set it up on a tripod or keep it mobile. I honestly think this will leak into the college ranks.”

Get a Free LoudMouth Now!

ProCom is offering the LoudMouth to schools for free to any program that buys an eight-coach ProCom X12 system or greater.

“It’s a gift from us,” Girardi said. “If you’re looking for a headset system, give us a shot. If you look at it, you’ll realize the products we put out are — by far — the best products made. It’s our engineering, and we own everything about the product. We just ask that coaches take a look.”

Johnson encourages coaches to act now if they’re looking for an advantage for next season.

“We never used it in-game because we got it late in the season, but it’s on the docket for next year,” Johnson said. “We’re excited about it. I talk to a lot of coaches in Georgia, and they want to know what this is about. Georgia is a big football state, and coaches want to do the greatest and latest. Nobody else will have this next year, so it’s a hot ticket item for ProCom.”


If you’re interested in finding out more or want to check out a demo, please reach out to ProCom.



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