The Product That Keeps Chip Kelly on Pace

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CoachComm’s Tempo® has been such a valuable practice tool for NFL and NCAA teams that the coaching communications company decided to make a more affordable, mobile model for high school teams. The result is CoachComm’s eVenue Tempo, which provides coaches with total control over practice through time management, motivation and simulation tools. San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly was one of the first coaches to implement Tempo to help structure football practices.

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

The CoachCommTempo® can do several things: 

  • Play music during practice
  • Serve as a running clock with horns
  • Play crowd noise over drills
  • Provide coaching feedback through the speakers




“We’ve had customers tell us they can see their practice efficiency improving,” said eVenue Tempo Product Manager Austin Jackson. “They’re making the most of practice time. There’s a lot of urgency at the college and high school levels to maximize the time spent on the field. We can track all of that for them.” eVenue Tempo comes with a software system that allows a coach to map out an entire practice minute-by-minute.

A coach can then specify audio effects like music, crowd noise and airhorns signaling the end of a drill.

During practice, a coach carries a remote so that he can make adjustments to the practice plan on the fly. If he’s seen enough of one drill, he can end the period early and move on to the next one with the touch of a button.

“They have all the flexibility once the system gets going,” Jackson said. “It’s a powerful mobile system with a controller that’s self-contained. The controller can work by itself, or you can add additional speakers, known as ePods, by simply plugging them into the controller or one another.” eVenue Tempo is also compatible with the CoachComm Tempest® FX headset system. Coaches that use the Tempest FX system have a voice announce option in which they can hit a button to lower the music level, and open the line of communication with the team through the eVenue Tempo sound system.

For coaches like Chip Kelly who yearn for chaotic practice conditions, the eVenue Tempo system can serve as a tool for pumping in crowd noise while players scramble to remain efficient under the constraints of a running clock.

“For high school coaches, we recognized that it needed to be easy to operate – a system one guy can control,” Jackson said.


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