FNF Coaches Player of the Year

Frog Fitness Player of the Year

Contest has concluded! Winners are being contacted.

FNF Coaches and Frog Fitness have set out to honor the players that perform above and beyond expectations in 2018. These players will excel on the field and in the classroom – and have their communities rally around them for support.

So to acknowledge the top players this fall, FNF Coaches has turned it over to the coaches and fans to nominate them. One player each month will be selected from the nominees and added to the pool of finalists who will compete for Player of the Year. The finalists will be featured on FNF Coaches and Frog Fitness websites and social media. At the end of the year, fans will vote one player as the Frog Fitness Player of the Year. The winning player will receive a scholarship from Frog Fitness – along with recognition in FNF Coaches magazine and on the website.

FNF Coaches accepted nominations each month for the 2018 Frog Fitness Player of the Year Contest, and a group of finalists will be selected for the final online vote at the end of the year. Voters will be able to see live results by clicking on the VIEW RESULTS tab.

The winning player will be notified by phone and once the prize is accepted, it will be posted on the website and shared via social media @FNFCoaches.

Official Prizes:

PRIZE: The winner will receive a scholarship of $2,500 from Frog Fitness. Second prize will receive a $1,500 scholarship. Third prize will be a $1,000 scholarship.

FEATURE STORY: A photo of the winning player and an article will appear in FNF Coaches print publication as well as FNFCoaches.com.

Find your favorite player below and vote!

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