Podcast alert! How your team can avoid heat-related illnesses

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You have 15 minutes from the onset of heat illness until permanent damage to your athlete begins. You need a plan to help avoid damage or death, and Cold Daddy’s patented, portable water chillers and insulated tubs fit the bill.

You can depend on Cold Daddy for safe, reliable cold-water therapy when you need it, wherever you need it, for as long as you need it. Cold-water immersion is the most effective way to treat heat-related illness, and the fastest method of lowering an overheated athlete’s core body temperature.

But even if you think you are prepared – perhaps with ice in the school cafeteria and a tub outside the trainer’s room – you may not have what you need to prevent damage caused by heat illness. Scrambling around for ice, water and a tub takes time – time critical to the survival of your athlete.

“The beauty of this technology is it’s portable with four wheels,” said Cold Daddy CEO Hobby Howell. “Having something ready and available is a big key to safety, and it’s not an expensive insurance policy.”

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) published a study that stated heat illness is the leading cause of death and disability among high school athletes. The CDC estimates that an average of more than 9,000 high school athletes are affected by heat illness each year.

The 15-minute period between the onset of heat illness to permanent damage begins much sooner than the point when an athlete falls out and becomes non-responsive. The warning signs occur earlier in the process than that. The time between the recognition of heat illness symptoms until the athlete’s body temperature is lowered is critical.

Cold Daddy began helping programs of all levels prepare for the treatment of heat-related illness in 2011 by developing a patented portable water chiller capable of chilling and maintaining water temperature most suitable for treating this malady. While Cold Daddy products are used routinely as a recovery tool for all athletes after practices or heavy workouts, the instant “on-field” access to cold-water provides the most effective and quickest treatment for heat-related illness.

Programs of all levels and sizes recognize that having an ice bath ready and on or adjacent to their practice area is the best way to ensure that they are prepared. In many programs, an ice bath involves a black plastic tub, water and a large quantity of ice. The challenge here is in keeping the temperature of the water low enough throughout the day to help the athlete that needs it. Ice, as we all know, melts and during practices in late summer, it melts fast.

The Cold Daddy chillers come in three sizes and can chill more than one tub at a time.  The beauty of the chiller is that you can turn it on each morning and your water will be cold the entire day.

Cold Daddy’s tubs have a 400-gallon capacity, double-layered walls with 2 ½ inches of foam insulation between them, and will hold up to six athletes.  The beauty of the tub is that it works with or without ice.  Using only ice, the tub will keep the water cold for great lengths of time.

“It can keep water with ice in it at or below 55 degrees for eight hours in 93-degree heat on concrete,” Howell said. “The temperature on the concrete got up to 129 degrees, and it stayed below 55 degrees for well over eight hours.”

Cold Daddy Products


MSRP: $1,200

​The first ever of its kind, this tub can be used with ice or any Cold Daddy chiller. Extra thick walls, pressure injected foam and rotomolded construction mean unmatched cold water retention. Less ice. Less stress. More chill.


MSRP: $6,750

​The original. Our smallest, most portable chiller is designed to power our BAY tub with no problem. But don’t be fooled by its diminutive size – it packs a punch.​


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