Podcast alert: Center Point High (Ala.) offensive coordinator Brandon Wilcox

Almost a year ago, Brandon Wilcox started a movement among high school coaches that has set a bar for how men should behave in the world today. Wilcox, the current offensive coordinator at Center Point High in Birmingham, Ala., started the Man Up Movement in hopes of encouraging coaches to teach male athletes to respect, protect and love our female population.

Wilcox joined the FNF Coaches Podcast to discuss the Man Up Movement, as well as his background in football and offensive philosophy. On the brink of Center Point’s opening playoff game, he also shares how his team has handled the season during a pandemic.

Here’s an excerpt from the pod.

What inspired you to start the Man Up Movement?

“Back in 2019, pretty soon after the season was over, I had a friend who got in a situation where her life was taken in a domestic violence situation,” Wilcox said. “Long story short, I was lying in bed thinking about the situation. I laid there for five or six hours and couldn’t sleep. I knew God put something in my heart. I pulled my phone out and started writing a message on Facebook about how men should treat women. It went viral with 2,400 shares in 24 hours.”

How did it evolve from there?

“I got a phone call from a news station and they asked me to come in and talk about the post. I started thinking about where it can go from there. A Facebook post is nice, but after a few days, nobody remembers those. As coaches, we do a good job of teaching young men to have discipline, how to show up on time, how to establish a strong work ethic, all of those kinds of things. One of the things we fail to do as leaders is we never talk to young men about how to treat women. I started thinking about how many men I’ve coached who didn’t have men in their homes. There’s a gap there I could bridge.

“I created documents with a pledge and pillars of things we as men can do to make women feel comfortable and know they are respected. That’s how it got started. With COVID and all that’s going on, it was a little bit of a setback. I’m excited to get back on it this offseason, and a lot of coaches and teams have expressed interest in presenting to their programs and teams.”

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