Perform Better and Play Safer with PowerPlus Mouthguard

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

The PowerPlus Mouthguard is a game-changer in the industry due to its ability to disperse the G-force of an impact to reduce the likelihood of a player suffering a concussion. The mouthguard has also been proven to improve performance.

Michael Hutchison, DMD, started developing a mouthguard 15 years ago to treat his patients for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) and migraine headaches. He found that by simply putting the patients’ jaw in the proper position, the mouthguard helped increase strength.

“After their jaw was positioned correctly, they seemed to have more energy and felt stronger,” Hutchison said.

The PowerPlus system allows an athlete to measure the degree of anatomical deficiency in his or her unique jaw position and will correct any deficiency with the patented combination design. After the PowerPlus Mouthguard is installed correctly, the jaw joint will be in the optimum “PowerPlus” position, providing maximum strength, endurance, performance and protection.

After discovering the strength gains associated with the PowerPlus system, Hutchison began outfitting his son’s middle school football team with the mouthguards. He found that the team’s performance on the field improved, and the rate of concussions decreased. Over a six-year period, no player on that team reported a concussion.

“We tested players, and they were 25 percent stronger,” Hutchison said. “The strength increase was really shown to be a phenomenon. You’re never going to eliminate every concussion unless you stop playing the sport. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s something we can do to address and reduce the forces in impacts to mitigate concussions.”

Hutchison partnered up with Michael Hott, a North Texas resident who lost his daughter to a head injury in 2002, to form PowerPlus Mouthguards. In 2009, the mouthguards were tested at Wayne State University, and scientists found that athletes experienced a 16.8 percent increase in strength using the physiological jaw position in PowerPlus Mouthguards compared to Shock Doctor. The PowerPlus system has been tested by over 2,000 subjects since its inception, and only four athletes have reported concussions – marking a 0.26 percent rate of concussion.

“This newer level of testing is making all other mouthguards obsolete,” Hutchison said. “Those mouthguards are just to protect teeth from fracturing. There’s no other purpose. The PowerPlus Mouthguard allows a maximum neuromuscular response, which increases performance.”

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