Parents Could Start Deciding When Players Return From Concussions

Source: Charlotte Observer

Some coaches may not be happy about a new bill being considered by the N.C. House of Representatives that could give parents more input as to when injured players return to the field.

The bill seeks to make high school athletics safer by requiring anyone involved in school athletic activities to complete training regarding concussions, sudden cardiac arrest and other heat-related illness.

But one part of House Bill 116 is causing controversy: It would allow parents or legal guardians, in addition to health care professionals, to determine when a student-athlete could return to playing following a concussion.

Currently, schools handle concussions based on the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act, which became law in 2001. Gfeller-Waller says a student-athlete can’t return to competition until he or she is evaluated by a licensed medical professional or an athletic trainer.

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