Organize Your Team with One App

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

The OX Sports staff started with a goal to provide coaches with one team management solution that can handle many functions they might encounter during a football season.

They’ve succeeded in that mission, and it is now difficult for a coach to find something the OX Sports team management system doesn’t provide.

The software gives coaches a one-stop platform to communicate with players and parents, as well as share analysis, media, schedules, documents, rosters, depth charts, scouting reports, training tips, dress codes, instant messaging, email and more.

“It’s a tool for coaches to teach, communicate, analyze and break down film – and completely organize their team,” said OX Sports Director of Customer Engagement Dustin Couch. “We tried to take as many tools as possible and put them into one platform.”

OX Sports allows coaches to reach players away from the field and academic setting. With players spending more and more time on devices, it is the perfect avenue for coaches to share learning tools through photos, videos, scouting reports and customized tips.

Just as important as the interaction between coach and player is a coach’s ability to communicate with parents, and coaches have that option with targeted messaging for specific audiences. A coach can send requested dress options for players, directions to away games, release forms for players, and updates on a player’s academic progress.

“We want the kids to understand exactly what’s going on, and we also recognize some kids have a tendency not to listen to every word,” Couch said. “This is a nice visual way for kids and parents to understand what should be happening.”



  • Allows coaches to design scouting reports with video, diagrams and notes.
  • Has the ability to share stats and analysis.
  • Coaches can quiz players on the game plan and/or positional responsibilities.
  • Coaches can share rosters, schedules and depth charts.
  • Gives coaches the ability to organize a full library of documents, photos or video.
  • Sign and store documents using e-Signature technology – Save on printing costs.
  • Coaches can instant-message or email players and parents and make group email lists.
  • Offers a GPS location check-in service.
  • Has a calendar system so coaches can reserve time with players and parents and share team activities.
  • Coaches can provide daily inspiration or notes for each practice.
  • Gives coaches the ability to provide a visual representation of what players should wear to future team activities.



  • It saves coaches time by organizing many aspects of the coaching experience.
  • It allows coaches to communicate with players away from the field and school.
  • It gives players visual learning tools using multimedia rather than relying on playbooks and binders with game plans.
  • Players can see depth charts, schedules, dress codes and stats on their own time.
  • A coach can use one app for all of his coaching needs rather than dealing with various apps with different functions.
  • A coach can customize the information each player is receiving, so the players are not inundated with information they don’t need.
  • A coach can recognize individual success stories, such as a player’s new personal best lift in the weight room, or a new record for yards during a game.


Game Changer

“It’s very nice to be able to pull out a tablet or smartphone and have all the information right there. I would recommend OX Sports to any program who’s looking to communicate effectively to their players.” – Former Snow College Junior College Coach Rafe Maughan

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