Oregon Schools Move JV Games to Mondays for Safety Reasons


Source: USA Today

Oregon high school football coaches are busy shuffling their respective schedules early this season due to a change in junior varsity game nights.

USA Today reports:

With injuries and participation in mind, there will be a major change in Oregon high school football this season, and Salem-Keizer coaches are preparing for the pros and cons.

Junior varsity games, a longtime Thursday night tradition, will be moving to Monday nights, allowing teams to maximize participation, while still keeping player safety a priority.

But the move won’t be easy.

For many high school football programs, Monday is a crucial day of practice. Players and coaches come together to discuss the successes and mistakes from the previous week’s games, and they work on the game plan for the next opponent.

But now, after the varsity plays its game Friday night, the JV team will play that same opponent the following Monday.

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