Ohio Strength Coach Raves About New Training Product

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Frog Fitness partnered this spring with an up-and-coming program in Ohio, Notre Dame Cathedral Latin.

NDCL went 9-4 last season, advancing to the Division IV, Region 13 regional championship game against Perry. It marked the first time in program history that NDCL made an appearance in a regional finals game.

This season, NDCL will be looking to take it one step further and advance to its first final four in program history.

NDCL strength coach Marco DiFranco shared his thoughts on the school’s training with The Frog.

Q&A with Notre Dame Cathedral Latin Strength Coach Marco DiFranco

What were your initial impressions of The Frog during the training process?

“It was pretty cool. It’s definitely something different. The kids really enjoyed it. Any time we can bring something new to the training, it helps.”

How will The Frog add to NDCL’s strength program?

“I think the competitiveness that it brings out is the key. Any time we can bring competition into the weight room and training, it brings out the best in the players. It’s a way for them to train without realizing how hard they’re working.”

How will you incorporate The Frog into the strength program?

“It will be modified within the workout. I think we’ll use it a lot at the end of workouts or even in the beginning of workouts. Before practice, they’ll loosen up their muscles and open their hop flexors during warmup before doing their normal game preparation.”

Did you personally try The Frog?

“Yes, it was fun. It’s a full-body workout every time you’re on it. Every single muscle gets hit – from the core, to the glutes, to the hamstrings and shoulders. The movement is really good for the joints. I played soccer the day after the workout, and I thought I would be brutally sore. It actually opened up the blood vessels in my legs, so I felt good on the soccer field.”

As the strength coach for all of the sports teams at NDCL, will you use The Frog with other teams?

“Absolutely, I train all of the sports teams, and I’ll incorporate it into every program at the school. It works with every athlete – boy, girl, freshman, senior. It’s really great for the younger kids who are working on squat technique. A lot of them have tight hips so this offers a lot of body weight resistance. It’s good for younger athletes who are getting used to the weight room.”

Can you customize The Frog workout for each athlete?

“You can take off resistance or add resistance to make it easier or more difficult. The imbalance it shows is a great tool. You can see which leg is dominant and adjust to it. I had a kid who is 100 pounds and barely 5 feet tall, and he was doing different stuff on it. It’s versatile enough that anyone is capable of doing it.”

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