Ohio HS Has Officiating Class to Combat Shortage

Officials’ associations have tried to recruit and retain numbers for years.

Zanesville High School (Ohio) will help the effort by offering students an officiating class as an elective.

Steve Shroyer, a licensed official in football, basketball and baseball, will instruct the course.

The class is available to 26 students per semester. The first semester will be nine weeks of football and nine weeks of basketball.

The minimum age for a license in Ohio is 14, and everyone must take at least 25 hours of instruction, whether classroom or fieldwork.

Students can take the exam and, if they pass, must pay OHSAA a $65 fee for the license and supplemental insurance. All students will be a Class 3 official and able to officiate freshman and lower levels.

After graduation, they can pursue a Class 2 license for junior varsity and below.

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