Nick Saban Thinks HS Seniors Could Start Skipping Senior Seasons

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Source: The Sporting News

Nick Saban is concerned that the trend of college players skipping Bowl games will soon trickle down to the high school level.

 The Alabama football coach fears that high school seniors may start skipping their senior seasons to focus on college football.

“Same thing will happen in high school if they make the signing day before the season,” Saban told CBS Sports. “It will take a few years, then some kid will say, ‘Hey, I’m going to Notre Dame. I’m not playing my senior year. Then the high school coach will go nuts.”

Saban was referring to college football’s new early Signing Day in December, that might be moved to an even earlier date.

This NCAA’s early Signing Day in 2017 will take place on Dec. 20.

The belief is that by mid-December, most prospects already have their decision made about where they want to play college football, and are tired of the endless texts and phone calls from schools.

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