Nick Saban Requires Recruits to Attend His Camp to Get Offer

Source: Campus Press Box

Many people are aware of the dispute between a Louisiana high school coach and Nick Saban earlier this year when Parkway (La.) coach David Feaster banned Saban from his campus as a punishment for the way in which he recruited one of his former quarterbacks.

Feaster ended up getting fired by Parkway Principal for taking his controversial stance, and Saban is now free to recruit at Parkway again.

One thing that jumped out in this report of the incident is that Saban requires all recruits to attend the Crimson Tide football camp in order to receive an official offer. Many other schools offer players site unseen, and offers can come from assistant coaches or recruiting coordinators. At Alabama, it appears Saban has the final word — only after he sees the player with his own two eyes.

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