NFL to Launch New $100 Million Concussion Initiatives


The NFL is tackling perhaps the biggest issue in today’s game — concussions — by making a huge investment into player safety.

Mark Maske of The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the NFL is launching a new set of concussion-related initiatives under which the league will devote $60 million to technological development, aimed in part at improving helmets for players, and an additional $40 million toward funding medical research into the effects of head injuries, Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

“What we see are materials and technology that we didn’t have before that disperse the forces in a way that can be very beneficial,” Goodell said. “And that’s what we want to do is try to get the experts, the engineering experts and scientific experts, to look and say: How do we take technologies that may be in the automobile business and use those technologies to design a better helmet? … We may even get to the point … where there are different [helmets for different] types of impacts at different positions. That’s something that needs to be evaluated by science and data and driven by data.”

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