Nebraska coach shares apps, tech products that help with coaching

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

In his 13 seasons as head coach at Ashland-Greenwood High (Neb.), Ryan Thompson has led his team to a combined record of 92-42, including nine playoff appearances. In both 2013 and 2014, he led Ashland-Greenwood to the Class C-1 state championship game.

Throughout his career, Thompson has taken pride in establishing a tech culture within his program. He recently shared the tech products and apps that help him, his staff and his players.

What tech products are you using that help your coaches and players?

“I’m sure that there are a lot more staffs and teams out there using more than we are, but we have found a great balance with the following: Hudl for scouting self and opponents, iPads for filming practice and sideline replay on game nights. We use SkyCoach for our instant replay, end zone and sideline cameras to capture different angles, Porta Phone headsets on game night, Google Drive to share documents, and the Bigfoot Sound System at practice and pre-game.”

Where do you go to find the latest tech advancements in the sport?

“We have a great relationship with Sideline Power and trust in their expertise of constantly evolving and having a ton of technology to choose from. They are on the cutting edge and are always willing to test new products. They truly help programs win and have never disappointed us.”

What apps are you using to help with coaching?

“The main app that we use would be Hudl. We use MaxPreps for reporting stats. This is an area that I feel we can grow in, as there are a world of possibilities out there that I need to tap into.”

What obstacles do you encounter in trying to get your players up to speed on new technology?

“I think our players do a great job of using technology. We all know that they are way more advanced than us older coaches. I think the main issue is teaching them how to use the technology to gain an advantage. It is another powerful tool to help them reach their potential, and it is up to us coaches to help them get there. Taking the time to help them learn how to use it effectively definitely is worth it.”

What tech advancements/products are you hoping to bring into your program in the next few years?

“We are really excited about the opportunity to put The CoachPad to use next season. We feel that it will give us a way to be more efficient at practice through its features.”

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