GSC Coach-to-Player™ (C2P) provides coaches with an ability to speak to players through their helmets.

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Bellevue West High (Neb.) coach Mike Huffman used the GSC Coach-to-Player™ communication system during his team’s 7-on-7 season for the first time this summer. He feels it’s no coincidence it won the first state championship in program history.

Huffman was first exposed to the GSC C2P technology at the 2018 Nebraska Shrine Bowl, when he served as coach of the North. His only regret was he didn’t use it enough.

“I honestly forgot about it during the game,” Huffman said. “They gave it to both teams and let us use it. I forgot half the time. I wish I would have used it more. Because of that experience, I remembered my mistake when it came time to coach 7-on-7 this summer. I kept it in my hand, and that helped us win the championship.”

GSC Coach-to-Player™ (C2P) provides coaches with an ability to speak to players through their helmets. Through the C2P practice system, a coach speaks into a handheld transmitting device and his voice is audible through the speakers loaded in the helmets of the players of his choice. The technology provides additional coaching opportunities while also helping to expedite the tempo.

Bellevue West graduated its starting quarterback in May, leaving Huffman to sort through a three-man competition for the QB1 position during 7-on-7. With GSC C2P, he found there was no drop-off in communication with his quarterback.

“It was very beneficial for me to be able to talk to those guys and call the plays,” Huffman said. “It’s not that we have so many plays. We read defenders. If I’m yelling the reads out loud, the defense is hearing that too. Then, they know what’s coming, and it’s an easier play for them.”

Huffman gave helmet headsets to all three of his quarterbacks and two of his wide receivers so they could hear his voice up until the moment the ball was snapped.

“I don’t talk to them during the play because I want them to process it by themselves,” Huffman said. “But it’s nice to say, ‘There are two safeties here, look to your crosser,’ before a play. Or, ‘There’s one safety, go to the under receiver.’ They picked up our offense so quickly. I think it helped speed up the process.”

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