Nease High (FL) Football Coach Breaks Down a Recruiting Strategy

Source: The Ponte Vedra Recorder

Each year, college coaches scour the rosters of Florida high schools in search of their future MVPs, and are often successful in finding them here. Especially for players in Ponte Vedra – which is home to not just one, but two high schools known for producing exceptional football talent – the pressures involved in the recruiting process can be tough. According to Tim Krause, head coach of the Nease High School football team, however, a little preparation can help to alleviate some of that stress.

“When someone expresses interest in playing football at the college level, we have an individual meeting with them,” Krause said. “Usually we start with trying to narrow down what their dream school is and what they’re looking for in a place of further education. Then we give them a list of places that might fit their talent level – or ability level – and places that fit their academics, and then try to guide them towards what they’re looking for.”

For more on Nease’s philosophy on recruiting, visit The Ponte Vedra Recorder.

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