Missouri champion coach shares tech that helped: SportScope, Band app, RII Sports Technology, TrainHeroic

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

In December, Brent Eckley led the Jackson High (Mo.) football team to its first state championship in the program’s 125-year history. His squad bounced back from an overtime loss in the 2019 title game to run the table for an undefeated season.

Eckley recently shared with FNF Coaches what apps and new technology helped propel his team to the top.

Did you find any piece of technology particularly helpful in your quest to a state championship?

“There are a couple of things we used. We typically video our practices as well as games. That was in the past, before we got turf. We used a drone. We switched because now we practice in the stadium, and we film practice from the press box. We use SportScope for end zone video and sideline in-game video. It worked smoothly for us in the last seven or eight games. It’s critical to be able to use that in between series. We can make adjustments quickly.”

What platform do you use for communication with your coaches and players?

The Band app is our communication app. We send out pass sheets to the secondary. I use it for all of the communicating I do. I send out information every Sunday to let them know the schedule for the week. I can update it during the week, but they know they can expect — parents and players — an updated schedule with what time we’re lifting or practicing or leaving.”

Do you use anything for analytics?

“We use RII Sports Technology. They take our video and do a graphic representation of the game so it’s easy to pull tendencies visually. They have dashboards you can look at, and it simplifies it for coaches.”

What about a new piece of technology for strength and conditioning?

“We use one that’s not football-specific, TrainHeroic. It’s for programming strength and conditioning and sharing out with kids on their phones. That’s been really good.”

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