Michigan state champion Chippewa Valley shares its secret to success

What makes a championship program?

Great coaching, a culture driven by accountability, motivated athletes, and high school athletes’ mobile phones.

Wait, what?  

Yup, that’s what Terry Wilson, assistant football coach and strength coach at Chippewa Valley High (Mich.), believes, and it’s hard to argue with him based upon his results.

The CVHS “Big Reds” are the Division 1 state champions and attribute some of their success to MaxOne.

We wanted to find out why.

Awaken the Beast: The Culture of the Weight Room

Built on competition and accountability

“The way MaxOne helped us get to the state championship game, and ultimately win it, was by creating a culture of competition in the weight room, that we didn’t have before.” – Coach Wilson.

Champions love to compete, and great programs build a culture around competition in everything they do, not just on the field but off the field too.

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Live leaderboards in MaxOne pushed athletes for more weight & higher reps in the weight room each and every day.  Athletes were ecstatic to see where they would stack up on the leaderboard in comparison to the rest of the team.

Chippewa Valley Football Players competed on multiple leaderboards from cumulative all the way down to max testing of core lifts. The total points leaderboard creates a ranking system where over time, as athletes complete exercises and workouts they are given points, allowing coaches and other athletes to see who’s actually doing the work and putting in the most time in the weight room. Performance tracking allows athletes and coaches to keep track of max tests and tracking of core lifts over time.


The MaxOne mobile app was with athletes on their phones and encouraged them to hold themselves accountable as they worked their way through the program. This gave coaches a line of sight into who was working the hardest and who improved the most. Additionally, MaxOne enabled Coach Wilson to offer a “Feast of Champions” for the leaderboard leaders, which made athletes dig a little deeper.

Evolving the Weight Program

32 percent increase in efficiency and cost savings

Like many programs, Chippewa used traditional tools like laminated printouts that each athlete would cross-reference against resources on the training room walls. While this solution accomplished the task at hand, costs for lost or damaged materials took needed resources away from areas where football programs could use them most, like new equipment.

Once CVHS switched over to MaxOne the change was apparent the first day, athletes couldn’t lose printouts and completed their workouts in 8-10 minutes less time (25 percent time savings), meaning students could get their school work completed sooner or get to work studying playbooks. MaxOne resulted in cost and time-savings wins that not even coach Wilson expected.

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Before MaxOne, just like his athletes, Coach Wilson had spent hours creating a workout card for every athlete.  These printed workout cards would inevitably get lost which created more work and cost for the program. By bringing their programming to a digital MaxOne app, Chippewa Valley eliminated a recurring expense and opened up the funds to be used elsewhere.

Coach Wilson has their whole strength program pre-built in the MaxOne platform so now he can share the workout of the day with a simple click of a button.   

Speak the Champion’s Language

The modern athlete’s advantage: Technology

From the moment the Chippewa Valley Big Reds started with MaxOne, Coach Wilson and the coaching staff instantly saw excitement from athletes.

The Chippewa Valley Football Team leverages the MaxOne training platform to tie every aspect of conditioning to tracking all-in-one spot. Team communications, organizational features such as calendars, and training videos are all encompassed within the all-in-one training tool.

“We now have one central view of our athletes and parents, that keeps everyone on the same page,…we were able to keep our athletes physically fit, injury free, and kept our conditioning at a high level the entire season.” – Coach Wilson.

Messaging the entire team, parents and athletic directors ensured everyone was on the same page. And when everyone is lock-step on the same page, everyone wins.

MaxOne can help take YOUR program to the next level; here’s how …

Chippewa Valley High School already was a great program.

What MaxOne did was remove the overhead that takes both athlete’s and coaches mind off of getting better. It streamlines administrative functions, like scheduling, communications, while elevating competition and accountability within training through a technology that is always with today’s modern athletes – their mobile phones.

It may seem simple, but remember champions are built from the basics up, like blocking and tackling. MaxOne could become a mandatory tool for any championship caliber program, like a mouth guard or helmet. So, do you want to catch up, or do you want to lead champions like Coach Wilson?

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If you’d like more information on using MaxOne in your program, contact Drew Zwiers at MaxOne. Drew has been helping many high school coaches this off-season, just like Coach Wilson, and he’ll walk you through how you can use MaxOne in your program, too.

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