Maine School Preserves Sports Hall of Fame Through Renovation


Wells High (Maine) is undergoing a major renovation project, and coaches who have similar upgrades to their facilities in the plans for the future might take note of this school’s efforts to preserve the past.

Coaches and administrators have made an effort to preserve “T hallway”, a hallway that every student walked through at least once during their school day as they changed classes.

Jim Daley, Wells-Ogunquit Community School District superintendent, came up with the idea to decorate the walls of the school’s new walking track with photos of Wells’ alumni athletes. Gould and his committee decided to start with the old T hallway, and move on to the walking track as the project progresses.

Today, about 20 photos are displayed on the white walls and more are in process. Each photo measures about 16 inches by 20 inches, and some are black-and-white, others in full color. The photos have been culled from old newspaper clippings, past yearbooks, donated photos and even photos borrowed from the Wells Historical Society.

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