Limit Players’ Heat Stress with Cool Draft

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Cool Draft misting fans make high school football players safer and more productive on the field.

The top-selling misting fans in the United States, Cool Draft reduces unsafe playing or practice conditions by providing a cooling system that lowers the ambient air temperature.

This results in fewer heat-related illnesses and better performances from the players. For every 1.5 degrees a player’s body temperature increases during a game or practice, his heart rate increases 30 beats per minute. A dehydrated and overheated player is more at risk for heat stroke or heart attack. From 1960 through 2007, there were 114 heat strokes cases that resulted in death on all levels of football, according to a report by Dr. Frederick Mueller at University of North Carolina for the American Football Coaches Association.

Cool Draft has mastered the technology of helping players lower their core body temperatures through misting fans. Using ultra-fine mist or fogs and high velocity air movement, Cool Draft fans can lower air temperatures as much as 30 to 35 degrees.

The high-quality, stainless steel products are handmade, so they are built to last longer. They are also portable – weighing in at less than 70 pounds.

Cool Draft has partnered with Max Gilpin’s Beat the Heat Foundation to ensure safer conditions for high school teams across the country.

Gilpin’s mother, Michele Crockett, started the foundation after her son died of a massive heat stroke in 2008 while practicing football. The mission of the Max Gilpin Beat the Heat Foundation is to educate youths and others about the dangers of heat-related illnesses. Cool Draft donated a HP-360 Portable Misting Fan to the Max Gilpin Beat the Heat Foundation last summer, allowing players practicing in the extreme heat and humidity in the Ohio Valley to cool down.

Crockett wrote a letter of gratitude to Cool Draft following her experience with the misting fans.

“It deeply saddens me to know that had the football team my son was playing for had one of these fans on that sweltering August day, his life may have been spared,” Crockett said. “Heat illness can creep up quickly so be prepared! With the help of Cool Draft Scientific and our foundation, we hope to keep this tragedy from happening to another young athlete.”


The Features

  • Using an ultra-fine mist or fog, combined with high velocity air movement, Cool Draft misting fans drastically reduce ambient air temperatures as much as 30 to 35 degrees.
  • Cool Draft’s series of fans are designed to quickly reduce outdoor temperatures while providing a convenient and safe way to transport the fans.
  • Most misting fans use low pressure 30 psi pumps to produce mist, which will always result in wetness. Cool Draft exclusively uses mid-pressure and high-pressure pumps, resulting in less moisture.
  • Cool Draft builds using only high-end stainless steel components.
  • A corrosion resistant stainless steel misting ring and the complete system weighs under 70 pounds empty and will easily fit in a car trunk or confined space for easy transport.


The Benefits

  • Cool Draft misting fans will reduce unsafe playing or practice conditions by providing a cooling system that lowers the ambient air temperature.
  • The cooling system significantly diminishes the incidence of heat-related injuries.
  • Cool Draft fans have the perfect match of nozzles and airflow to allow the best cooling without getting customers wet.
  • Cool Draft manufacturers build each fan from scratch – not by an assembly line. This allows each technician to pay attention to every component, connection and detail as the unit is being built.
  • Cool Draft provides a non-oscillating misting fan due to the fact that direct cooling to one particular area is much better than oscillation. Misting fans are not air conditioners; they use the principle of evaporation and air flow to cool.



“Cool Draft has hit a home run with this one! I have used every misting fan since the late 1990s, and the HP-360 is by far the best, most portable, misting fan I have ever seen!” – Dwayne Johnson, Head Athletic Director for Ohio Valley Athletic Conference Football

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