Timing Devices Allow Coaches to Focus on the Action

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A coach needs to be able to rely on his team’s timing devices so that games and practices go off without a hitch. Spectrum Timers and Victory Game Clocks provide coaches with the peace of mind to know things will remain on schedule.

I’m Matt Starr, founder and CEO of Sideline Power. Sideline Power works to find and bring new technology to the industry in order to help coaches win. Sideline Power has partnered with FNF Coaches to create an educational article each month on different innovative products. It’s time to get #PoweredUP with this month’s featured products, Spectrum Timers and Victory Game Clocks.

In football, every game is measured in yards and downs. Every decision, however, is measured in seconds. When seconds count, you need a reliable time clock to make sure you are making the most of every moment in order to secure a win.

That’s where Spectrum Timers and Victory Game Clocks come into play. Spectrum is one of the largest privately-owned custom scoreboard and electronic display manufacturers in the US. Spectrum Scoreboards was founded in Houston, Texas. With nearly a half century of experience, Spectrum products are known for their superior performance, longevity, and durability. Likewise, Victory Game Clocks, based in Roanoke, Ala., exceeds the timing and scoring needs of coaches, teams for high school, college, and beyond.

When looking at portable segment timers, the EB-5 is a great place to focus. With 99 programmable segments of up to 99 minutes of timing (up or down), the EB-5 allows you to run a game clock while practicing pre-programmed segments during a fluid, non-stop, practice. Spectrum Segment Timers and Game Clocks are programmed prior to the practice and/or game so that transitions happen fluidly, automatically and seamlessly. With a recessed, face-mounted horn, you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock with a whistle in your mouth. The horn sounds automatically at the end of each segment helping keep your practice on track and on schedule.

Victory Game Clocks offer four functional modes and the latest technology. With Practice mode, Two-Minute drill mode, Game Clock mode, and Custom Play Clock modes, Victory Game Clocks let you prescript your practice with up to 99 segments of up to 99 minutes a piece with the option of an audible horn at the end of each segment. Fully weatherproof with reliable wireless operation, Victory Game Clocks have been tested to over half a mile with flawless operation between control module and clock. With permanent or mobile stands available, these clocks run on hardwired, battery, or even solar power to make sure your system is #PoweredUp regardless of the situation.

Whether you are looking at the full Spectrum or going for Victory, Sideline Power has the Segment Timers and Clocks that will keep your practice and game on schedule. For more information on any of the Spectrum or Victory products that will get your team #PoweredUp, check out www.sidelinepower.com.

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