Keep Players’ Hands Healthy with W.O.D. Welder

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

The last thing a football player in training needs is for the calluses on his hands to make it impossible for him to lift at his full potential.

W.O.D.Welder offers a three-step system that helps prevent and repair calluses from interfering with training.

Step 1 is a solid salve treatment that keeps a player’s calluses hydrated to prevent cracked skin and infections. Step 2 is a wild harvested pumice stone, which can be used in the shower to keep calluses low and smooth. Step 3 is a Rx daily cream for keeping hands smooth, supple and rip-free.

W.O.D.Welder founders Keegan and Audra Pafford created the three-step system after suffering damaged skin on their own hands through their CrossFit training.

“There are so many benefits to keeping the hands and skin healthy for training,” said Keegan Pafford. “We developed it so they’re not a hindrance or holding people back.”

W.O.D.Welder offers the three-step hand care kit for $24.50. It includes a 1-ounce push-up tube of salve, a 2-ounce jar of extreme cream and one long-lasting natural pumice stone.

W.O.D.Welder also offers a callus shaver with five replacement blades, flexible adhesive tape and lip balm, as well as a host of products to aid in recovery, such as a bath bomb and a muscle recovery bath shot.



“Since I have started using W.O.D.Welder, I haven’t had any torn calluses. This means more days when I get to stick to the plan and not modify or work around certain lifts because of my torn hands or calluses. This keeps my hands smooth, it’s easy to use, and gives me more time in the gym crushing it. I highly recommend.” — Alex E.




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