FNF Coaches (magazine, website, app and newsletter) is actively recruiting contributors and partners to the team. Are you interested in engaging with high school football coaches — and any football coach for that matter — in creative an unique ways.

Contributions can take any shape or form and you do not need to quit our current job.

We are seeking:

  • Coaches who want to share strategy, methodology and opinion
  • Coaches who want to write or provide video
  • Coaches who want to earn additional income and sell advertising to their current industry contacts
  • Writers who want to share written and digital stories
  • Individuals who want to sell from the comfort of their home

If you are interested in getting involved somehow, someway, take a second to visit our careers page: www.ae-engine.com/careers or call us at 727.209.1750 and ask for Craig.

Here are some specific links:

FNF Coaches magazine (a magazine specifically for high school football coaches).

  1. Coaches and writers who want to contribute to the magazine — http://www.ae-engine.com/content-provider-writer/
  2. Coaches who want to sell on the side (to football manufacturers) http://www.ae-engine.com/partnership-marketer/

FNF state annuals (Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Carolinas)

  1. Writers (newspaper and freelance guys plus college students) — http://www.ae-engine.com/contributors/
  2. Sales reps (coaches and other people interested – contractors mainly but will considered seasoned media sales reps) — http://www.ae-engine.com/seeking-athletes-warriors-and-sales-talent/



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