Jake Plummer Introduces New Tech to Help Players Learn Playbook

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Source: Sports Illustrated

Have you ever struggled with getting players to comprehend the playbook? Are you players unable to comprehend the spiral notebook with 100-150 plays?

Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer is marketing a new product — a “Rosetta Stone” for players attempting to learn a playbook. The ReadyList PRO cloud-based digital software that acts as both an offensive football playbook and a testing tool for coaches to quiz players’ understanding of the plays.

When a player leaves a practice facility following a coach’s chalk talk session, he’ll have the playbook in tow, as ReadyList PRO is compatible with any device including tablets, iPads, smartphones and desktops. Coaches can upload highlights of practices and games into the cloud for players to review along with recorded film studies, too.

For more on this new technology, visit the article in Sports Illustrated.

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