Is a $70 Million High School Stadium Ever Worth It?


Source: The Guardian

These are interesting times for high school football stadiums in Texas. Nearby McKinney recently approved the construction of a new $70m, 12,000-seat stadium to be shared by the city’s three high schools. That followed hard on the heels of a $60m, 18,000-capacity venue for neighboring Allen – which has one high school – completed in 2012.

“Yes, there is this concept that ‘we want the best for our students,’” says Lee Ancona, a University of North Texas lecturer in health promotion and recreation, who spent more than 30 years coaching high school football in Texas. “People pay more taxes and are willing to support these stadiums and facilities that from the outside looking in look terribly grandiose or overdone to some degree. But I haven’t heard any apologies. People aren’t apologizing for having good facilities for their students, and obviously especially for athletes.”

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