Increase communication and productivity with ProCom Headsets

By Frank Girardi, President of ProCom Headsets

Each month, FNF Coaches features a product that can be used by coaches to improve the coaching experience. These products can either be used in practices, games or in the weight room.

As a football coach for the past 35 years, I have seen countless changes to the game. With my background of being both a coach and a design engineer, I found myself in a unique position of being able to bring new technologies and innovations to the game I love. My philosophy has always been not to be a copycat company, but to be innovative by “Bringing Tomorrow’s Technology Today” to all levels of football.

This started in 2002 when I created APEX Sports Software. APEX revolutionized the way film editing was done. Our patented voice recognition data entry system was a decade ahead of its time and saved coaches countless hours each week. The reporting package offered by APEX still remains the best ever. I’ve now brought that same passion and innovation to sideline communication.

Over the past three decades I have coached at both the college and high school level and used every communication system on the market. Some were better than others but none were perfect. While several filled the coach to coach communication needs, as the father of three high school and college quarterbacks, none filled my other need — coach to player communication. With that in mind, I started ProCom.

ProCom is the only headset system on the market to seamlessly combine coach-to-coach and coach-to-player communication. This innovation has already begun changing the game. Why invest thousands and thousands of dollars on something you use less than a dozen times a year? With ProCom, your investment is not only for game use but every practice, giving you way more bang for your buck. Use it for practice now and for games in the near future.

This year, I’m extra excited for what ProCom brings. In addition to all of the other advances we offer, ProCom is now the only company to offer both traditional belt packs as well as all-in-one headsets with the ability to mix and match to fit each coach’s individual preference. Current and past all-in-ones have several limitations and we didn’t want to release an all-in-one until it was on par with its belt pack counterpart. We now have that with our X12A All-in-One. The same output power, durability and functionality of our X12 with voice announcements and smart boom technology put our All-In-Ones miles ahead of the competition and we couldn’t be more excited for it.

For nearly two decades my team and I have led the charge when it comes to new technologies to help advance our great game. I am proud of the product that we have created at ProCom, with multiple channels, no base stations, increased output power, digital displays and countless other features.

However, what I am most proud of, like APEX, ProCom has set the standard, as now you see other longtime companies in the headset communication field trying to emulate what we already have created. This goes back to “Bringing Tomorrow’s Technology Today”.


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