Increase a Player’s Explosiveness with VK Insoles

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

The long hours a football player invests into training on the field and in the weight room can be made all the more impactful with a simple insert into his shoe.

The VKTRY Performance Insole is the first-ever high performance athletic insole designed to return energy an athlete generates as explosive power, speed and agility.

Through independent, scientific studies, the VK Insole has been proven to increase a player’s explosiveness by +12 percent, which results in faster times in the 40-yard dash, higher vertical leaps, and longer broad jumps.

VK’s patented carbon fiber design is scientifically proven to help athletes improve their performance and protect against injuries.

“There’s no substitute for training well and taking care of your body by adding muscle,” said VKTRY Gear’s CEO Steve Wasik. “Using VKs allows athletes to maximize performance. Our insole generates more energy return to the athlete – or less loss due to ground reaction force  by minimizing energy lost into the ground. As you push down on the VK , it pushes back and propels the athlete up and forward.”

The product was originally designed with a goal of improving the U.S. Bobsled Team’s start, when the competitors sprint down the opening chute before boarding the bobsled. Over the years, the technology has translated to performance gains in every sport – from football, to track and field, to cheerleading. The insoles combine the comfort of a foam cushion with the energy returning potential of heel-to-toe carbon fiber. VKTRY offers five degrees of flexibility to optimize performance and maximize comfort for each individual athlete, which prevents the carbon fiber from flattening out. As a result, athletes get more push from their feet.

VK Insoles are customized for each athlete based on shoe size, body weight and sport. Every player on a football team – regardless of position – can benefit from using VKs.

“Some people think our insoles improve speed for wide receivers or skill-position players,” Wasik said. “What VKs do is increase explosiveness.  And every athlete on the field can benefit from more explosiveness.”


The Features

  • VKs return energy back to the athlete because of the unique and patented shape, the full-length carbon fiber base, and the specially engineered construction.
  • VKs are made in 5 different degrees of flexibility based on an athlete’s shoe size and weight in order to provide customized and optimized athletic performance.
  • VKTRY Gear has a proprietary algorithm which determines optimal “Pro” level based on how much deflection force an athlete can comfortably exert on the VK. This force is stored and released back to the athlete.
  • Unlike any other insoles, VKs offer a heel-to-toe shock-absorbing, pure carbon fiber base for added support and stability and propulsive energy return.


The Benefits

  • VKs return the energy an athlete generates as explosive power, speed and agility.
  • Medical experts agree that VKs help protect athletes against injury (such as turf toe, plantar fasciitis and stress fractures).
  • VK test results show that athletes will experience a +12 percent increase in explosiveness.
  • Athletes who tested in VKs improved their 40-yard dash times by an average of 0.12 seconds, their vertical jump results by an average of +1.6 inches, and their broad jump results by an average of +4 inches.
  • Many athletes who wear VKs feel like they have more energy and are less fatigued at the end of the game.
  • An athlete does not need to be fit for VK insoles. He/she must simply provide information such as body weight, shoe size, and sport of choice.


Game Changer

“I tried VK Insoles for myself and instantly felt the energy return. Increasing speed and explosiveness is all about one thing – putting a force into the ground – and that’s what VKs do for an athlete.” – Bill Parisi, Strength and Fitness Expert and Founder of Parisi Speed Schools



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