How to Make a HUDL Highlight Film (6:39)

Source: HUDL

For those coaches who are looking to help their players with recruiting, here’s a basic tutorial of how to make a highlight film on HUDL.

Perhaps no company has changed the way coaches prepare for games in the last 10 years more than Hudl. The software has allowed coaches to watch and share game tape on devices.

Created by three graduates of the University of Nebraska business school, Hudl is built around digital video playback: Coaches upload game films captured through the app or on a camera, and then Hudl makes the video available to anyone with viewing permissions, from training staff to players to scouts and recruiters.

Coaches can flag sections of the video, inserting notes, scribbles, or audio commentary for their players. They can also use those clips to create digital playbooks for the team. Athletes can study plays, edit and share highlight reels, and send their coaches clips to analyze.

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