Hoover coach Josh Niblett breaks down his team’s lifting schedule

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Hoover High (Ala.) coach Josh Niblett estimates he spends as many as six hours a weekend programming his team’s strength and conditioning program. The rewards have been tangible — the Bucs have won six state championships under Niblett.

Niblett developed a love for the weight room in his days as a middle-schooler, and his strength training experiences include nine months as a body-builder and a stint as the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Jacksonville State University.

He recently broke down his team’s strength training plan for the last two weeks of March and all of April. All lifts are position-specific, and he breaks the team into four groups:

  • Defensive line
  • Offensive line
  • Big skill
  • Skill

To hear an in-depth explanation of the Hoover football program’s strength and conditioning schedule, listen to Coach Niblett’s appearance on the FNF Coaches Podcast.

Here is an example of what each day might look like, depending on the player’s position.

3-Day Split

Activation Period

Champions circuit — 6 drills, 90 seconds each.

The drills include speed drills, plyometrics, shoulder mobility, hip mobility, ladder runs, etc.

Then come in before WE START ANY WORKOUT. Go through activiation period. Champions circuit. 6 drills 90 seconds. Speed drills plyometric shoulder mobility, hip mobility ladder runs. 14=15 minutes before weight room.


Power pulls to the floor

Legs — split squat

Upper body dumbbell work (incline bench)



Hang clean front squat (heavy, not over 55 percent speed)

Heavy squats

Dumbbell movement



Power cleans

Heavy bench

Leg auxillary (step-ups or split squat)


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