High School Coach in Canada Forms Coed Football Team

Source: The Ottawa Citizen

A coach in Canada feels that the rule changes being made to high school football are leveling the playing field for female athletes. He decided to expand the pool of athletes to include females, taking the number of eligible students for the football team from 700 to 1,400.

Girls and boys have joined forces on a Gatineau (Ottawa, Canada) high school football field, the first in the region to have an organized coed team.

Hormisdas-Gamelin Secondary School’s Tigers football team have been league champions for the past four years, but head coach Michel Roy thought they could do even better. And to do that they need to draw from the school’s entire pool of talented athletes.

“We decided to really shift this year. We’ve always been innovators in the way we work, so this year I wanted to go get the best athletes. We have 1,400 students at our school and half are boys. So instead of picking from 700 boys, we have 1,400 kids to pick (from),” said Roy, who has invited girls to play in past years on a casual basis, but this is the first season he has actively recruited and trained girls.

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