GoRout to Launch New Wearable Technology


GoRout is excited to launch its newest technology to the world on Nov. 16.

GoRout is the only on-field playmaking technology that combines intelligent software and on-field wearable products to enhance practice for high school, college, and professional football teams. Currently, teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), American Athletic Conference (AAC), Canadian Football League (CFL), SunBelt Conference, and Big XII are using GoRout’s wearable display technology.

Mike Rolih, owner and CEO of GoRout, said that when he founded the company his sole goal was to create products that would allow coaches and players to interact, communicate, and practice more efficiently.  When asked about the new innovations being released in November,  Rolih states, “This new technology will not only achieve perfection on the football field, but will also have a significant impact in the field of wearable technology. It is revolutionary. This new technology is sure to transform how teams practice and train their players for years to come.”

The launch event will be live streamed on GoRout’s Twitter page (@go_rout) and will begin at 7 p.m. (CT). Scott Roussel, owner of FootballScoop, and Jamie Sundsbak, owner of BioAm and Collider, will open the event, followed by Mike Rolih, who will unveil the new technology.