Give the Gift of Mini Throwballs

Trophies are great for remembering wins, but how do you remember your teammates and coaches who helped you get that win?  How do you remember all the people that you worked alongside over a season, or the people who taught you everything you know about football?

Mini Throwballs offers a different alternative to the traditional trophies that are passed out at the end of a season. Autograph Footballs, which can be customized with your team name and logo, can be signed by everyone that helped make your last football season so memorable.

These unique team gifts are available in Mini (7 inches), mid (10 inches) and full size (14 inches).

This can be a great way to make sure those memories extend beyond the season by allowing team members and coaching staff to leave their mark on everyone’s football. And besides making a great team gift, these Autograph footballs can also be used at awards banquets, for the cheer team, or as thoughtful gifts for coaches and training staff.

These footballs are available at year-round.

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