Get It Right allows officials to get reps on their own schedule

Each month, FNF Coaches selects a product that makes the game safer or more enjoyable for players, and allows a representative from that company to share the benefits of the product. For the Preseason edition of FNF Coaches, we’ll feature Get It Right.

By Bob Arnone, Founder of Get It Right

How would you like to improve your performance by getting in reps—on your schedule—without disrupting practices and not putting player safety at risk? Welcome to Get It Right!

Think of a Madden® Football video game; but built for officials with a focus on NFHS Rules. Get It Right is exactly that, and it is the only program like it in the world and is recognized as a “game changer” by the National Association of Sports Officials.

Our 2019 NFHS products include over 100 NFHS Rules animations so we are now offering a rules-only product to coaches who may not want the deluxe product that includes officials’ mechanics and an evaluation module.

I started officiating high school football in 2001 as I was preparing to retire from the Army in 2002.  I was looking for a way to stay in shape and continue contributing to society.  I found that in officiating.  I also found how challenging it is to understand and apply the rules while keeping the players safe and the game fair.

I was exposed to modeling and simulation technologies the military was developing to improve training and thought, “Why not officiating?” So, upon leaving the defense industry in 2012, I founded Get It Right Enterprises, LLC.

So, what problems are addressed by Get It Right?

Learn the Rules. We know what a “back” is in a scrimmage formation; but look at NFHS Rule 2-32-3 because those details (and others) will determine if you have a legal scrimmage formation according to 7-2-5a.  So, as we train officials and as coaches explain to the players the various “…planes through the waist..” we show it!

Teach Officials Preventative Officiating. Get It Right presents game situations from the officials’ perspective on the field. The umpire can get in reps watching chop blocks so it is recognized immediately during the game. More importantly, if a player is observed consistently going low, the umpire can talk to that player and get word to the sideline to preclude that player from getting hurt, hurting an opponent, or causing a 15-yard penalty to the team.

Improve Communications; Determine Replay Challenges. Have an issue with a call? Rather than telling the official, “That’s a terrible call,” a more productive conversation would be, “That defensive player had a knee on the ground, that is not hurdling.”

Manage Practice Time. Use Get It Right animations in a classroom setting to teach players the rules and focus the limited on-field practice time to game preparations.

Easy to Get; Easy to Use. The price is amazingly affordable. Download to your laptop/desktop.  Mobile versions are also available. Check us out at