Get a Videoboard for No Money Down

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By Tommy Rothman, FNF Coaches Contributor

  • Sportable Scoreboards is a great option for low-budget schools. The main reason behind this is the Score Rewards program they offer, in which a school can get a free scoreboard in exchange for sharing the ad revenue generated by that scoreboard. If you don’t want to split the revenue, they have affordable for-purchase boards starting at $500. Sportable Scoreboards does football, basketball and many other sports, indoors and outdoors.
  • Another company a school might find useful is Daktronics. Daktronics has a big presence in the NFL and other professional leagues, but it is also a viable option— although not a free one— for high school programs. Daktronics allows schools to lease videoboards rather than purchase them, and its high-tech, weather-proof options are good for durability and ad revenue generation. Daktronics even has a sports marketing division with employees on call to help a school raise the sponsorship money needed to make the scoreboard purchase viable, and perhaps even profitable.

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