Georgia coach shares which training product he loaned players during quarantine

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Fifth-year North Forsyth High (Ga.) coach Robert Craft knew some of his skill position players would need extra motivation to train during quarantine. With that in mind, he loaned out the program’s Sports Attack Aerial Attack machine to multiple players during the stay-at-home period during the spring.

“When schools shut down, one of the unique things we were able to do was give our students and dads the machine,” Craft said. “They would use it and give it to somebody else for a couple of weeks. We knew they couldn’t get together and throw a football around during that time, but they could have their dads shoot balls and catch it. It was a great avenue for us during that time.”

The Sports Attack Aerial Attack can simulate punts, kicks, passes and snaps so that coaches can limit player fatigue and maximize practice reps. The Snap Attack can pivot instantly in any direction and provide accurate passes, punts and kickoffs to any location on the field.

Craft shared his experience with Sports Attack in a recent Q&A with FNF Coaches.

How do you use the machine in practice?

“It depends on the practice schedule. It’s a weekly thing. We use it in a variety of ways. Our wide receivers use it after practice at least once a week. We have weeks when we’ll use it for our punt returners. Those guys also use it once a week. It’s one of the best things we’ve ever used.”

So, you take it out to the practice field every day?

“We use it in the offseason as much or more than during the season. It’s a great way for our skill players to get out there on their own in the offseason. They can get in work without even having a coach with them. They get a ton of reps in a fairly quick amount of time. It’s not like we have our quarterback or a coach wearing out his arm.”

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