Georgia Coach Describes a Training Product That Corrects Weaknesses

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Frog Fitness partnered this spring with an up-and-coming program in Georgia, Johns Creek.

Johns Creek posted an 8-3 record last fall, earning a Class 6A, Region 7 championship. This year, Johns Creek will have a new coach, Matt Helmerich, who served as the defensive coordinator for prestigious St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) during the team’s national championship run in 2010 and state championship seasons of 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Helmerich shared his thoughts on The Frog after going through the orientation process with his players in June.

Q&A with Johns Creek Coach Matt Helmerich

How did The Frog training go?

“It was great; the guys they sent out were phenomenal in showing us how to set it up, take it apart, and store it. They were very knowledgeable in how it works and the benefits. It was helpful for us to see adults demonstrate. I think it helped the kids too.”

How do you think you’ll incorporate it into your strength and conditioning program?

“We have two Frogs, and ten more are being delivered as soon as approved. We’ll sub in The Frog for a workout. There are so many benefits that I have no idea about going into it. Talk to one kid, and his shoulder is on fire. Talk to another, and it’s his hamstrings. The next one feels it in his core.”

How will The Frog help the players in different ways than a typical weight-lifting session?

“The way the resistance bands are set up, it finds weaknesses. Ninety-nine percent of us are right-leg dominant or right-arm dominant. That transfers to the back and core. If you’re dominant at all, it will correct that weakness. If you’re going across the field on The Frog, and you’re dominant to one side, you’ll go left or right a little. If you don’t correct it, you’ll go in circles.”

Did the players enjoy the training?

“It was phenomenal. One kid even told me – just doing a vertical military press – his left shoulder was on fire. His right arm is that much stronger. Another kid, who is a good player, has a six-pack, shredded abs. He struggled on it. Overall, his core strength and hip flexion was not very good, which he didn’t know. If you have a weakness, it corrects it. That’s my favorite part.”

Did you try it yourself?

“I’ve had surgery on both of my shoulders, and I could tell it would definitely help with mobility and strength in my shoulders. It was tough. I could see how using it on a regular basis would definitely help my personal weaknesses – my core, shoulders and tightness in my back.”

How else will you use The Frog?

“I’m the weight training teacher at school. We’re going to use it extensively. Whether it’s part of a workout or in the middle of the week as a break from another type of training, we’ll use it during coed weight training.”

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