Gain an Advantage With Sideline Instant Replay

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Source: The Washington Post

Sideline replay is allowed in high school football to a degree more advanced than what’s legal in college or the NFL, so throughout the country, coaches and players can be seen jabbing their fingers at tablets, smartphones and TVs, breaking down film from a play that happened seconds earlier.

Researchers call this era of high school football “a technological arms race” over who has the newest gadget, and the sideline replay technology is opening a wider gulf between scholastic sports’ resource-rich programs and those struggling to get by.

“It’s frustrating,” said John Lush, coach of Lackey High in Indian Head. Lush said his team couldn’t afford the sideline replay system this season, but half the teams in the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference use it.

“One of the reasons you like playing at home is because you feel like you have an advantage,” he said. “Now it feels like a disadvantage at your own place. But at the end of the day, if you’ve got athletic and coachable kids and you’ve got them ready, regardless of what technology you have, you can win a game.”

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