‘Fundamentals of Coaching’ Course Available on NFHS Learning Center

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The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) is continuing its commitment to coaches education with a revision to the flagship “Fundamentals of Coaching (FOC)” course through the NFHS Learning Center at www.NFHSLearn.com.

The NFHS “Fundamentals of Coaching” course provides a unique student-centered curriculum for interscholastic teacher/coaches, assisting them in creating a healthy and age-appropriate athletic experience that supports the educational mission of our nation’s schools.

With a revised look and new content, the FOC course includes additional facts on concussions that dispel the “play through pain” attitude, as well as information on the importance of sleep, social media, the value of stretching, practice methods, and appearance- and performance-enhancing substances. The revision also includes a new teachable moment video featuring concussion return-to-play protocol.

“Fundamentals of Coaching continues to be our flagship coaching course and continues to be the best resource we can give our high school coaches so that they can best serve the millions of young people who participate in interscholastic programs nationwide,” said Dan Schuster, NFHS Director of Educational Services.

The NFHS is also expanding its services of online education courses to officials, students, administrators, parents and music adjudicators in an effort to reach all groups involved with education-based activity programs.

Fundamentals of Coaching along with First Aid, Health and Safety were the inaugural courses on the NFHS Learning Center. In that time, more than 525,000 Fundamentals of Coaching courses have been delivered across the country. The NFHS Learning Center now offers more than 50 online courses, including more than 20 free courses. Since the launch of www.NFHSlearn.com in 2007, the NFHS has delivered more than 4.5 million courses.

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