Full-Contact: The Four Keys to Compliance

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor
  1. Limit full-contact practices. The NFHS recommends no more than three full-contact practices per week in-season. In addition, during the preseason, the NFHS recommends no more than one full-contact practice per day.
  2. Monitor game action time. The NFHS recommends that coaches set limits on the amount of game time each player can see. Players shouldn’t play junior varsity and freshmen games in the same week.
  3. Educate coaches at all levels. Coaches should seek out concussion education programs for their assistants and youth level coaches. Each team should then set a concussion management protocol.
  4. Set an Emergency Action Plan. Write clear protocols for the coaching staff. When possible, an athletic trainer should be present at all practices and games. Don’t place responsibility on players to report head injuries.

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