Former National Champion Coach Picks Family Over Football

Source: The Daily Progress (Va.)

An interesting topic came up during a recent FNF Coaches interview with SMU football coach Chad Morris — the desire of many high school coaches to advance their careers to the college level.

Morris noted that while that may seem to be the ideal career path for many high school coaches, they may regret taking that route once they seem the time and energy that goes into coaching college football.

This story about former Auburn coach Gene Chizik, who won a national championship in 2010, made me think of that conversation with Morris. Chizik recently walked away from a coaching gig at UNC to spend more time with his family. His wife relays a story when her 12-year-old daughter asks the mother where they are from originally, and the mother doesn’t really know. The family moves and endless hours don’t seem to have worked out for Chizik.

The message: Be careful what you with for. There’s nothing wrong with being a career high school coach.

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