Former Maintenance Building Is Converted to Training Center

Source: The New Castle News (Pa.)

Here’s a story for coaches who are looking to revamp their weight room and training facilities but don’t have the space.

The Rack, a former maintenance building converted into a fitness and physical training center, is the New Castle School District’s new fitness center for young teens who are going out for junior varsity or high school sports. At least 80 youths pass through the building in any given session to participate in weight training, relays, weight lifting, strengthening, pushup, pull-ups and floor exercises.

The 10,000-square-foot gymnasium is equipped with weight lifting equipment, a steel bar for chin-ups and plenty of space for running, relays and exercising. A floor covered with artificial turf provides plenty of space for push-ups and other floor exercises.

The building renovation was the brainchild of Pat Minenok, assistant varsity football coach, who saw the facility filled with old maintenance equipment, some of which hadn’t been used in 20 years or more. He approached the school district and asked for half of the building to use as a workout space for athletes.

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