FNF Ohio, FNF Coaches Announce Partnership with CarbonTek for 2018

Staff Report

FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (FNF) Ohio magazine and FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (FNF) COACHES is proud to announce a partnership with CarbonTek in 2018.

The partnership includes CarbonTek’s designation as the presenting sponsor for the 2018 edition of FNF Ohio. As presenting sponsor, CarbonTek will have select ad placements and serve as the sponsor of a CarbonTek Gen 3 Shoulder Pad System Contest Giveaway. FNF will also promote CarbonTek’s Should Pad System through ad placement on its annual questionnaire, which is distributed to all coaches in Ohio, as well as digital flyers.

FNF Ohio is produced by St. Petersburg, FL-based A.E. Engine, a magazine publishing and marketing company that produces similar high school football previews in Georgia, Texas, Florida and the Carolinas under the FNF brand. Last year marked the debut of FNF Ohio, the newest addition to the expanding enterprise.

“CarbonTek is excited to partner with FNF in 2018!  Like FNF, CarbonTek provides a premier product to high school football programs and is leading the way in innovation for protective technology.” – Ed Dvorak, SVP Global Spalding

Also as part of the partnership, CarbonTek will be featured in various 2018 editions of FNF Coaches magazine, which is 100-percent dedicated to high school football coaches. The magazine is published with the intent to inform coaches on the latest trends and advancements in the coaching world. CarbonTek will also sponsor a contest in FNF Coaches and be featured in a summer edition of the print publication. CarbonTek’s Gen 3 Shoulder Pad System will also be featured routinely in the Product Spotlight in FNF Coaches.

“The team at FNF is very excited to work with CarbonTek in 2018. Collectively, we have created some unique ways via print, digital and social media to engage and reward coaches in Ohio and across the country. We appreciate the opportunity to work with CarbonTek while also serving the high school football community.” – Craig Baroncelli, Publisher, A.E. Engine

FNF COACHES magazine made its debut in March 2016. In 2017, FNF COACHES published eight times – in January, February, March, April, May, Summer, October and December. Coaches can order an eight-issue subscription at fnfcoaches.com/subscribe/ for $26.95 plus $3 for shipping and handling.

Readers can also download the FNF or FNF Coaches app in the Apple App Store and Google Play (search: FNF Coaches).