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Here’s a collection of the top stories for high school football coaches from the week.

Former National High School Coach of the Year Gives Tips on Establishing Culture

Cincinnati St. Xavier head coach Steve Specht has been the coach of St. Xavier for 17 seasons, leading the team to three state championships.


Texas Champion Coach on Dealing with Uncertainty: ‘Make the Best of It’

Canadian High (Texas) coach Chris Koetting has a formula for winning year after year in the most competitive high school football environment in the country.


Expert Predictions: How Will the Pandemic Impact HS Football Beyond 2020?

High school football has changed in many ways in 2020, from abbreviated seasons, to increased safety protocols, to decreased operating budgets.


5 Coaching Innovations During the Pandemic

Disinfectant spray and masks are not the only new products popping up in locker rooms this season. Here are five coaching innovations.


The Blueprint for a Winter Football Season

Tyler Roberts has spent most of the school year looking at the California High (San Ramon, Calif.) athletics calendar.


How to Nominate a Player, Sign Up to Coach in USA Football National Team Program

Senior Manager of the USA Football National Program Aaron Ingram is tasked with building the best coaching staff at every level of the U.S. National Team program.


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