FNF Coaches Talk — Install an Offense in 5 Days, RPOs in a 2×2 set, NFL equipment assistance

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. Here are some stories we’re buzzing about in our newsroom.

1. Install Your Offense In Just 5 Days Without Hours of Planning (Pro Style Spread Offense)

If you’re thinking of installing a new offense (or defense) this offseason, this article lays out the step-by-step process. After five days of following the plan, the author promises you’ll be ready to run the offense in-game.

This is geared toward installing a Pro Style Spread Offense, but some of the tips are applicable to any system. For instance …

Practice Expectations – When to talk, when not to talk, how to ask a question, what you are going to be doing today, what if your equipment is broken, what if you have to go to the bathroom, what if you are thirsty and what if you are hurt. And anything else you think needs covered.

The article goes into great detail for all five days of the installation period, and it’s worth a read.

In case you want to skip to the end, here’s the three-step plan.

Step 1: Have a playbook with just the plays you will be installing. It can also double as a play card for your offense to learn from each day.
Step 2: Run an efficient written down practice that has teaching time built in and then splits up to practice individual skills before coming back together to run plays. If you don’t write it down, you won’t give fair time to areas that need work.
Step 3: Record and watch practice film with your players. Be positive and highlight the good. Be positive all practice because a 6 positive to 1 negative correction ratio is proven to be the most effective in learners developing.

Coaches — What is your process for overhauling your offensive or defensive scheme?

2. Football Three-Down RPO Package in a 2×2 Set (YouTube)

Jason Woodman, Fairmont State University head coach, led his team to the 2016 NCAA DII Playoffs primarily running RPOs out of a 2×2 set. He explains it better than we can, so we’ll give him the floor.

How have you incorporated RPOs in your offense?

3. Onward and upward: How the Carolina Panthers are assisting a local high school football program (Gaston Gazette)

Here’s something to consider if you’re in need of some financial support for new equipment.

Last week, Hunter Huss learned it had been approved for an equipment grant from Carolina Panthers Charities. According to football coach Jamar McKoy, the football program is in line to receive shoulder pads, cleats and compression gear.

Established in 1994, the program’s mission is “to assess the needs of communities within North and South Carolina and provide financial resources to assist in creating programs that make measurable and sustainable change for youth and families” in the region. The maximum amount allowed via the grant process from Carolina Panthers Charities is $10,000. Hunter Huss’ request will put a significant dent in that amount, covering thousands in football equipment needs for the program.

It’s certainly worth checking in with your local NFL team if you are in need of financial assistance. Teams all over the country have programs like this one.

What is the best charitable gift your program has received?

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