FNF Coaches Talk — Youth League Fines Coaches for Running Up Score, Teammate Rescues Teammate From Costly Mistake,

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you made the most of the weekend. We’ve got three stories for you.

1. A Youth League Is Fining Coaches $500 for Running Up the Score (Torrey Smith)

Running up the score has been a topic of discussion at various levels of football over the last week. In fact, we did a story last Monday in FNF Coaches Talk about an Arizona high school coach who felt pressured to resign after coaching his team to a 61-0 victory the previous Friday.

Running up the score became a trending topic again this weekend when former NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith posted a thread on Twitter bout a youth football league in Philadelphia, Pa. He claimed the youth football league in his wife’s hometown has legislated a punishment for any coach who leads his team to a victory by more than a 31-point margin.

We agree with all five points, but the fourth one really hits home. Aren’t we trying to encourage people in the community to coach at the youth level? Many are volunteering their time, and if we’re asking them to work for free, we should remove the possibility of a monetary fine.

We also agree with the final point. In baseball, when a team causes the Mercy Rule to go into effect, the game comes to an end after that half inning. Why play out a football game for four quarters if only one team can score within the rules?

What message do you deliver to your players after a lopsided loss?

2. High School Football Player Forced To Tackle Teammate Running The Wrong Way (Kha’Ron Thrower4)

Coaches — If you think your team had a bad mental mistake on Friday night, we’ve got news for you. It could have been worse.

Kha’Ron Thrower, a high school football player in California, rescued a teammate from making what would have likely been the blooper of the season by tackling him just before he successfully — or unsuccessfully? — returned an interception the wrong way for a safety.

It looks like we can file this one in the “no harm, no foul” category because Thrower says his team came out on top. Still, it likely made for a great laugh during the film session on Sunday.

How do you help a player get over a costly mental mistake?

3. Road to the Rings: Missouri Southern State Coach Jeff Sims Talks Championships (FNF Coaches)

Each month, our friends at Legend Rings connect us with a champion coach to discuss the rise to the top. The supplier of custom championship rings has worked with many championship teams over the years, outfitting coaches and players with keepsakes following memorable seasons.

This month, we connect with Jeff Sims, who was hired as head coach of the Missouri Southern State University head coach in November of 2018. Sims came to the Lions with more than 24 years as a high school and college coach. For the previous four seasons, Sims was the head coach at Garden City where he led the team to a 32-12 record, including the 2016 Junior College National Championship.

Here’s our favorite part of the interview.

How can a team sustain excellence?

“I think it’s cute when guys who haven’t won championships talk about winning championships. Everybody expects that it will eventually just happen. I was at a school that wasn’t very good. Within three years, we got to the national championship. The next year, we had 100 people watching practice. I’d come off the field, and they’d have suggestions. None of them had ever been there when we were getting good. Now they criticism. They thought they knew how to make it. Believe in yourself.”

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