FNF Coaches Talk — Yankees mental coach on patience, inspirational podcast, fan refuses to leave

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coach! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Here are some inspiring words for you.

1. New York Yankees Mental Conditioning Coordinator stresses importance of patience and trust in the process (Lauren Johnson)

Lauren Johnson is the New York Yankees Mental Conditioning Coordinator. She teaches professional athletes to build an elite mindset so that they can perform at the highest level. We found this tweet to be motivational.

What strategies do you use to help yourself stay patient during a rebuilding phase?

2. Inspirational Podcaster Shares Message About Being a Faucet vs. a Drain (Justin Su’a)

Justin Su’a is an inspirational podcaster who has over 1,000 episodes available here.

Here’s his inspirational message of the day.

What do you to to provide energy to the people around you?

3. Idaho high school football game stopped at halftime after dispute involving maskless spectator (Idaho Statesman)

An Idaho School District shut down a football game on Friday night after a mother of a player refused to wear a mask — and multiple unidentified callers made threats to the school over the situation.

District rules require parents and fans — only a limited number can attend each game — to wear masks and follow social distancing.

Ammon Bundy, who appeared at the Friday night contest without a mask, refused to wear a mask or leave Caldwell High property. He may face criminal charges for trespassing, according to Caldwell Police Department spokesman Joey Hoadley.

“A small group of visitors refused to follow the safety requirements, including wearing face coverings, and were denied admittance to the game,” district spokeswoman Allison Westfall wrote in an email to parents that was also provided to the Idaho Statesman. “They were told they could watch from Brothers Park. Instead, they continued to loiter on the property and became disruptive.”

Bundy streamed live video of himself during the first half, asked viewers to watch over him and at one point invited others to join him at the school.

“I will not put on a mask! I have a right not to put on a mask!” he yelled back at the parents and fans. “You guys should be brave enough to do the same thing.”

Read the entire story.

What would you do if a fan showed up to your game to protest the safety protocols?

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