FNF Coaches Talk — Wrapping Up the Week

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coach! Happy Friday. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Coach Casey shares the best advice he received from his father, and he doesn’t disappoint!

We like this new trend! If you’ve posted a TikTok video about your program’s weirdest tradition, please share it on Twitter!

This reminds us of the Andy Reid Punt, Pass and Kick Competition video. Google it if you haven’t seen it.

We’ve already received two responses to this call for X’s and O’s features. If you’re interested in submitting a feature — regardless of which side of the ball you coach — feel free to reach out!

Here’s an inspirational story. This 17-year-old authored an inspiring book during the pandemic.

Comedy hour!

Another inspiring story. Nolan Farrell penned his brother a congratulatory letter for playing at Ohio State (or THE Ohio State University).

Are you overposting? Overtexting? Maybe take a breather.

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