FNF Coaches Talk — What’s happening on HS football Twitter for coaches?

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coach! We’ve got some great stories from the last week.

In case you missed it on Twitter, these are our three most-read stories of the week.

1. Coach Marion wins the How It Started/How It’s Going Twitter challenge (Brennan Marion)

We’ve definitely gotten a kick out of seeing coaches post old photos of themselves along with new photos to show how far they’ve come.

Here’s an example.

Coach Marion wins though.

Take part in the How It Started Challenge, and tag @FNFCoaches for a share.

2. Funny Tweet of the day goes to @CoachNastyTX (Coach Nasty Leonard)

Low man wins.

What’s the funniest post you saw today?

3. Duke coach Kara Lawson shares lesson on being accountable (CoachTube)

Share this one with your players, Coach!

How do you teach your players to be accountable?

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